Giuseppe Prato has been practising his profession as an architect in Catania, his hometown, since 1974. His work ranges from the designing of residential buildings to the renovation of existing ones and the restoration of historic and country houses.

His distinguishing stylistic mark lies in the creation of highly stunning, refined, precious, and, sometimes, exquisitely luxurious spaces, with reference to the Italian tradition of ornamentation, constantly in balance between past and modernity, artifice and nature, design and classicism; hence the frequent use of hand ?made objects; the furniture is often made on exclusive design, but products from the past may also be used, which highlights the classical tradition of technique and materials: the very Italian living style!

His long professional experience, characterized by the strong and unfailing desire ?to be constantly at the service of the customer, through dialogue and discovery, so as to create personal and client ? suited solution? has allowed him to be a successful architect far beyond the borders of Sicily, where he currently resides, but also in many other towns in Italy and abroad.
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